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    Electrical Material Trade 

            Commercio Materiale Elettrico 

UNIVERSE ENERGY is a young and dinamic company that has been operating for many years in Italy in the
" Green Economy ".
We invest in our  and your future , energy and technology are the heart of our company, with its in lets, its history, the path of the years, knowledge, know-how.
UNIVERSE ENERGY use quality products , with hight energy content and zero environmental impact.
UNIVERSE ENERGY believes in transferring  of knowledget of its partners throught training courses designed to  increase and update the knowledge of the new technologies in the industry   and the characteristics of the  components on the market .
The menagement system for quality is an investment of company to improve the level of satisfaction of its customers.
Constant reserch and continuos desire to satisfy our customers, are the potential of UniverseEnergy.
Quality, service and know-how , are the heart of our company.
We have a spirit of continuos research, experimentation of new technologies and their applications.
That whywe are always engaged in important partnership which is critical for success in this globalized economy.
UNIVERSE ENERGY has an ambitious  plan for the future , solutions and continuos research to be close to its customers.
The international market is our core business , our young team is open to the challenges of the future.
The company is infact  aware of belonging to a costantly  growing sector , which is why we are engaged in the research and developmentof new solutions that guarantee efficienty.
                                                  YOUR  FUTURE   IS  OUR   PRIORITY
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